Tuesday, February 4, 2020

DBA Gym -- Free Workouts to Shape Up Your Database Strengths

Need to pump up your form or at least your third normalized form?  If you want to be a better developer, database administrator, or data expert then you need to know about normalizing your data. What is data normalization? Well Wikipedia says it is is the process of organizing the fields and tables of a relational database to minimize redundancy and dependency.

Did you know there is a free GYM that lets you work on forms.  There are even quizzes  to help you test your knowledge.  This is part of the Oracle Gym and I started the Normally Normalized: Third Normal Form workout

The course states Normalizing your data structures is a key step towards high quality database design. This workout introduces you to Third Normal Form, from Wikipedia and the Database Programmer. And I can assure you that the workouts are brief, fun, and will really pack on mental muscle.

You will need an Oracle login which is free and each workout is short. Actually the two supporting documents and the three quizzes are each 5-6 minutes so in a half an hour you can complete the entire workout, or save each part by itself over a longer time period.

Other Courses are available such as deductive logic, PL/SQL, and knowing the difference between RANGE and ROWS in a windowing function.  Now most of these workout are designed for the Oracle database but the concepts usually fir very well with MySQL too. While me MySQL-ers may not need to use PL/SQL the materials on the higher level concepts are invaluable and the quizzes are going to make you think.

So if you are looking for a challenge or need a quick workout, please check out the Oracle Gym.