Thursday, February 13, 2020

The MySQL Track at the Southern California Linux Expo 2020

  Friday March 6th you need to be in Pasadena, California for the MySQL Track at the Southern California Linux Expo. SCaLE is the biggest open source show in North America and the only one in the great Los Angeles area. 

  We have been lucky to have a MySQL track for the last several years and this year I think we have the best lineup ever!  We start at 9:30 in room 101 with Michael Marx's presentation on InnoDB Cluster, then switch to Building a Database as a Service on Kubernetes by Lucy Burns and Abhi Vaidyanatha.  Next Alexander Rubin speaks on Protecting Personal and Health Data in MySQL before lunch.

After lunch comes Implementing MySQL Database-as-a-Service using Open Source tools by Matthias Crauwels. That session is followed by sessions on isolation levels by Pep Pla, new MySQL feratures by me, and PMM from Peter Zaitsev.

And we finish with an ProxySQL introduction from the always entertaining Solomon Chang.

So please attend the MySQL track and drop by the MySQL booth in the expo hall.