Sunday, March 6, 2022

Percona Live Needs You to Present!!

 Percona Live is back and in person May 16th to 18th in Austin, Texas and you not only need to be there but you need to present a talk to share your knowledge.  The call for papers closes March 14th. 

Why should you present? 

The Open Source database community is growing.  As such we need those of you help the 'newbies' get up to speed.  We also have a lot of folks leveling up from newbies who need to learn about more advanced nuances.  You have something to contribute to your community.

 And we have some experts who want to share to help you grow. (see below)

But why should you present?

You have something to share! Did you learn something cool about backups? Want to share how you do capacity planning?  Can you explain user account lifecycle management?  Others would love to know how you migrated to the cloud, sped up queries, secure your servers, or how to contribute code.

Never spoken before in public?

Well, this is the event to start at!  There are five minute lightening talks that are perfect for novices or the shy.  The audience at Percona Live is very appreciate and wants you to do well.  Five minutes if five to ten slides.  There is something (or two somethings) that you can share to help others.

Got a lot to say?

There hour tutorials are a great place to do a deep dive on your favorite subject.  

Have less than 180 minutes of information but more than five?

Regular sessions are about fifty minutes (leave a few minutes for questions and answers).  

What can you talk about?

Well, the core material is open source databases or anything tangential to them. 

Kubernetes, cloud, query performance, replication, devops, programming, and anything else in that neighborhood.

Need help?

If you want someone to review, critique, sanity check, kick the tires, taste the sauce, or run things past then contact me.  Leave a comment below, ping me on Twitter (at Stoker), or email me.  

I might set up some Zoom meetings where I walk through the submission process, answer your questions, if you think that would help.  

And if I can not help you with a subjects, odds are I can find someone -- probably I have met at a past Percona live.

Do I have to attend?

Well, not really. There is an option to virtually attend for those who can not make it in person.

Please attend!

Austin is an amazing city.  Lots of great food, amazing museums, and 6th Street is the live music capital of Texas.  Nearby you can float the Comal or Guadalupe rivers, see the Alamo (also see the Buckhead Saloon), dance in Gruene Hall (the oldest in Texas), eat TexMex in the Elvis room Chuy's, or savor the many BBQ joints. 

Plus at the show you get to participate in the hallway track! Often times at conferences, the most valuable information or contacts you will make will be between sessions.  You will make friends, learn fascinating things that may not be database related, and have a good time visiting the expo hall where vendors show off their wares.\

So sign up today!