Friday, October 23, 2020

Data Con LA 2020 and New Introductory Video Series on MySQL

 Data Con LA starts October 23rd and I will be speaking on Sunday and I will be speaking on Sunday the 25th on MySQL's NoSQL JSON Store in a talk titled MySQL Without the SQL -- Oh My!

The talk is pre-recorded but I will be live for the question and answer segment. So this is your chance to ask me your question.

Dave's MySQL Basics is a new video based series I am starting to teach the basics of MySQL.  I have been talking with book publishers, hiring managers, DBAs of all levels, and many others.  They have all said they would like to see a simple, modular way to learn MySQL.  So rather than take a few years to produce a book, I am creating a series of videos that will be short (the goal is five minutes or less), not too pedantic (still have to teach the very low level basics), and that can be updated quickly when/if the material changes.  The videos will be on Youtube and course materials I create will be at, where you can also find the video links.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Second Edition of MySQL and JSON - A Practical Programming Guide is now Available

 I am please to announce that the Second Edition of MySQL and JSON - A Practical Programming Guide is now Available.  The new book is twice the length of the first edition due to  the many advancements made by MySQL Engineering over the past two years. 

Who needs this book:   Anyone wanting to take advantage of the MySQL JSON data type for storing JSON formatted data, those wanting to turn relational data into JSON, those who want to make their JSON data relational, and those seeking a through introduction into the use of MySQL as a NoSQL JSON MySQL & JSON - A Practical Programming Guide - Second Edition

document store.  The second edition features even more illustrations, code examples, and covers the many new features added in the last two years including JSON document validation (yes, you can have required fields, type checking, and constraints on your JSON data before it gets into the database), new MySQL Shell features for bulk loading JSON data in parallel, the use of multi-value indexes for JSON array, and much more.

MySQL & JSON - A Practical Programming Guide Second Edition is now available from Amazon in digital and paperback formats. 

The author is a long time user of MySQL and has been a member of the Oracle MySQL Community Team for a decade.