Friday, January 31, 2020

MySQL Pre-FOSDEM Days - A Quick Review

A sold out, two-day event with over 30 sessions on various aspects of MySQL is a tough thing to organize and accomplish. But the MySQL pre-FOSDEM Days was an amazing success. If you missed this event then you really missed two full days of presentations by MySQL engineers and subject matter experts from the MySQL Community. 

It all started on Thursday January 30th with Geir Hoydalsvik talking about Simplifying MySQL which not a simple talk.  Big efforts are being made to clean up and modernize the MySQL Server Core code.  Work is being undertaken to change to a Volcano Model for extended flexibility. 

This was followed by Kenny Gryp showing how the new InnoDB Replica Set. Previously it was easier to setup InnoDB Cluster Replication than simple primary-secondary replication. 

From that point on there were two different tracks with many talks on indexing JSON Arrays, detailed information on date-time types, the new redo log, hash joins, the big changes in NDB Cluster, and more. 

The audience members I talked to where impressed with the new features, their access to MySQL engineers, and the quality of the talks.  And on Friday it was topped off by the fantastic community dinner. 

Next year you will hear about the 2021 event and I highly encourage you to participate.  This even has become one of the better 'raw' technical content events on the calendar and anyone running MySQL would greatly benefit from attending.

And a big round of applause for my colleagues from the MySQL Community Team - Lenka Kasparova and LeFred -- for all their hard work and on their accomplishments. Lenka routinely makes miracles happen with the various tasks related to funding while Fred brought the various other components together for a stupendous event.