Friday, June 22, 2018

Not a Fan of Redhat RPMs Today or Why No Follow Up for RH/Centos/Fedora from Last Blog

I received a lot of good feedback Building the PHP MySQL XDevAPI PECL Extension on MySQL 8.0.11 and PHP 7.2 for the MySQL Document Store including a few folks asking if I could document that it takes to get the MySQL X DevAPI working with an RPM based Linux distro.

Well I'd really like to.  But I can't.

Redhat Linux 4

I still remember getting my copy of Redhat Linux 4.0 (not RHEL -- no enterprise thoughts in those days)  It was January 1997 and I installed it the week before Rehaht 4.1 came out.  I thought that RPMs were much better than the old 'unzip the tar file;./configure; make install' circus. I thought Redhat was pretty cool. Heck I even became a RHCE.  

Then I found the Debian variants easier to work with and more up to date.  My not so humble opinion is that Ubuntu is the best all around Linux distro around. But there are a lot of RPM based systems out there and I need to be able to show how to get the MySQL X Devapi working on them.  But it ain't easy.

Step 1 Install CentOS 7

I had not installed CentOS in some time and it installed fairly nicely or as nice as Ubuntu.   So no problem there,

Step 2 What is that Deb package Called in RPM speak?

Here is where the wagon goes off the rails. TO get the developer tools you must sudo yum -y groupinstall  'Development Tools'.  Then you get to download the OpenSSL tarball 'cause there is not one RPM for CentOS 7 (considering its popularity I was gobsmacked to discover this lacking). Next was loading the protobuf-devel package.  

But when I try to run the PECL install mysql_xdevapi I run into a compiler error.  Well, it is Friday afternoon and my frustration/inexperience with recent RPM software is telling me to call it a week.

I will try again later.  If you are more up to speed on RPMs and want to provide guidance for me please do so.  If not have a good weekend!


  1. > Then you get to download the OpenSSL tarball 'cause there is not one RPM for CentOS 7 (considering its popularity I was gobsmacked to discover this lacking).

    This works for me on RHEL7 with only the repo on the installation DVD:
    yum install openssl-devel

    rpmfind says it should be the some on CentOS7:

    > Next was loading the protobuf-devel package.

    My rhel7 doesn't find it on the DVD, but protobuf-devel is available in the CentOS7 repos:

    Your "discovery" seems a bit incorrect ...

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