Monday, June 19, 2017

Update on MySQL Document Store and Node.JS


I admit my JavaScript skills are rusty and dusty. Plus I am new to Node.JS. So yesterdays blog drew some very helpful comments from two of MySQL's best. Johannes Schl├╝ter and Rui Quelhas let me know there was a better way to code the example. Much thanks to them.

Better Example

// Simple example to grap one record and print it
const mysqlx = require('@mysql/xdevapi');
const options = {
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 33060, // should be a number
  dbUser: 'root',
  dbPassword: 'Hell0Dave!'

  .then (session => {
  var schema = session.getSchema('world_x');

//equivilent of SELECT doc FROM countryinfo where _id = 'USA'
  var coll = schema.getCollection('countryinfo');
  var query = "$._id == 'USA'";

      // Print doc 
     return Promise.all([
       coll.find(query).execute(function (doc) {
    .catch(err => {

Modern Code

This cleans up the error catching and the Promise.all helps put all the heavy lifting together.

And the PHP XDevAPI is in PECL

And you can access the XDevAPI from PHP using the PECL Extension!