Sunday, June 18, 2017

MySQL Document Store and Node.JS

JavaScript and MySQL

Last time I looked at using the new MySQL Shell in JavaScript mode to access documents. I promised that I would look at indexes this time but a few folks wanted to see how to use the MySQL Document Store with Javascript -- the language not the MySQL Shell mode-- specifically with the Node.JS connector. And they ask for a very simple example. So Indexes in the future, Node.JS now.

So this is a simple on using the MySQL Document Store from Node.JS.


Download the Node.JS connector and then follow the very simple installation instructions. And use your OS's instictions for installing Node.JS.

The documentation on using the Node.JS Connector with the XDevAPI is not written for folks just starting with either the API or Node.JS.


const mysqlx = require('@mysql/xdevapi');

mysqlx.getSession({             // Create session
  host: 'localhost',
  port: '33060',
  dbUser: 'root',
  dbPassword: 'Hell0Dave!'
}).then(function (session) {    // USE world_x
  var schema = session.getSchema('world_x');

//equivilent of SELECT doc FROM countryinfo where _id = 'USA'
  var coll = schema.getCollection('countryinfo');
  var query = "$._id == 'USA'";

      // Print doc 
  coll.find(query).execute(function (doc) {
  .catch(function (err) {
}).catch(function (err) {


node countryinfo.js
{ GNP: 8510700,
  _id: 'USA',
  Name: 'United States',
  IndepYear: 1776,
   { Region: 'North America',
     Continent: 'North America',
     SurfaceArea: 9363520 },
   { HeadOfState: 'George W. Bush',
     GovernmentForm: 'Federal Republic' },
  demographics: { Population: 278357000, LifeExpectancy: 77.0999984741211 } }


So that is a simple of an example that I could think of. I plan to explore more of using the XDevAPI (and fingers crossed the PHP version appears soon) and let me know if there are anything you want to see. And I will get to indexes while I am in Glasgow next week.