Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Pandas and The MySQL Shell

    Pandas is a Python software library for data analysis and manipulation.  It allows you to import data from CSV files, SQL, and Excel.  And it is open source.

    Pandas works well with the MySQL Shell.  After installing Pandas with pip install pandas on my Fedora test system, I was able to load Pandas.  The documentation is excellent at pandas.pydata.org   and I was quickly able to get one of their examples working from within mysqlsh.

Did I mention SQL as a source of data? Reading from MySQL is very easy.  

import mysql.connector as connection
import pandas as pd

    mydb = connection.connect(host="localhost", database = 'world',user="panda", passwd="123Bear!")
    query = "SELECT * FROM country LIMIT 5;"
    result_dataFrame = pd.read_sql(query,mydb)
    mydb.close() #close the connection

except Exception as e:

    I will investigate Pandas more and report anything I find.