Wednesday, September 9, 2020

MySQL 5.6 End of Life Is Less Than Six Months Away

     If you are running MySQL 5.6 please note that it will hit support End of Life status in February 2021!  MySQL 5.7 has been Generally Available for almost five years and MySQL 8.0 has been out for over two  years.   You need to upgrade as soon as possible.  

    Upgrading to 5.7 is pretty easy. And I heartily suggest that after upgrading to 5.7 that you also upgrade to 8.0  using the upgrade checker utility.

    MySQL 8.0 has a lot of improvements including CTEs, Windowing Functions, Histograms, Multi-value indexes, upgraded JSON support, a contention aware transaction scheduler. dual passwords, and more.  Plus there are InnoDB Cluster, MySQL Router, the New Shell (mysqlsh) and ReplicaSets. Heck, you no longer have to run the old mysql_upgrade script (often a forgotten step) as the install process now does that for you!

    If you have not started planning to upgrade yet, please put it down on your to-do list.  

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