Thursday, November 7, 2019

Want to talk about MySQL at SCaLE 18x?

The Call For Papers for SCaLE 18x ends soon and I would love to have your talk on MySQL be part of the MySQL track! The track is usually on the Friday of the show!

I am 'curating' the MySQL track again and would love to have you talk on MySQL.  Do you have a story about using MySQL, some trick admin skills you would like to share, a beginners guide to X & MySQL, or a case study? Well then, please submit.

What is SCaLE?  Well it is roughly 5,000 people in Pasadena, California next March 5-8 2020 at the convention center in the heart of the City.  It is the only big open source in Southern California and features multiple tracks on subjects ranging from AI to how to work remotely.  The expo hall is a few acres of the best tech and projects that you will find anywhere.

Do I really have to write a paper? Well, no.  You do need to fill out a form online on your proposal that you would like to talk and make sure that you mark it for the MySQL track if it is MySQL related!  The dead line is the end of November!

Fear of public speaking? Well, this is a great event if you are timid or think you might be. This is like the large user group with techies who want to hear your story, see you succeed, and want to hear you opinion.

What else do I get?  Well you get a badge that says 'speaker' along with the ability to go to as many sessions as you can at the most exciting open source show.  And if you are on the MySQL track maybe I will get you some specialized MySQL swag!

So if you have an idea for a talk please submit it before November 30th!

Need help or want an extra set of eyes for you proposal -- then contact me! Please! I want you MySQL talk next March!