Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pager for the New MySQL Shell

I love the new shell but the one thing I missed from the old shell was the ability to use a pager like more or less to throttle the output of the screen.  Low and behold the engineers have added paging in MySQL Shell 8.0.13!!

Turn Paging On

Things can scroll off the screen quickly and pagination programs keep the output to small chunks.  To pick the more program as you pagination program, simply enter \pager more or for less enter \pager less

See the first illustration

How to turn paging on and off with the MySQL Shell 8.0.13


A big thanks to the MySQL Engineers!!

Turn Paging Off

And sometimes you do not need pagination and simply typing \pager and return will clear the setting. See the first illustration.

And you can determine how many lines to be output before output stops. \pager more -6 stops every six lines of output.

Setting the output of more to six lines

Other Pagination Programs

You can declare your desire to use another program for pagination on the command line like so mysqlsh --pager=foo

Tip: if you set the pager to \pager less -S, it will page horizontally too, so you can view wide results even without \G

The Documentation

The manual page for the pager is ->Using a Pager