Thursday, September 27, 2018

MySQL Track at Southern California Linux Expo 2019 CFP Open

The Call For Papers  for the next Southern California Linux Expo aka SCaLE is open and I need your help with the MySQL Track.  We have had a MySQL track for the past few years and this year I have gotten permission from the organizers of SCaLE to get a group of MySQL community members to review the talks for this track.  This year was pretty good but to make 2019 even better we need more submissions from more people AND THIS MEANS YOU!!

The link above has the details on how to register to submit a talk submission and the process is fairly simple.  But if you would like help with your submission, want to 'rubber duck' ideas, or want a quick review before you submission please contact me  (@stoker, david.stokes @ or find me at a show.

So what type of talks do we need?  We need to cover material for newbies, intermediate, and the experienced.  There are lots of developers, Devops folks, hobbyists, and students just waiting for you to share your knowledge with them. For a large show, we have a fairly intimate talk space which is friendly to first time presenters.

Some ideas:

1. So how do you do backups and restores?  What sort of things get deleted and what steps do you take to keep your data safe? Policies? Procedures?  How does a developer who fudged a row/table get their data back in your organization?

2. How do you reduce SQL injects, the N+1 problem and 0(N) searches in your code?

3. How is your Kubernetes/Docker/Ansible environment for your developers managed?

4. Five things about being an 'accidental' MySQL DBA I wish I knew when I took over the databases

5. MySQL Replication best practices.

6. Data normalization how-to

7. Query optimization for novices. Query optimization for the advanced SQL coder.

And anything else  you think that at least one other person would like to hear about (and there are more - believe me).

So please make SCaLE 17x even better! You have until the end of October to submit.


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