Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When Your JSON Key is Numeric

There was an interesting question on Stackoverflow.com on extracting values from a JSON data type column in a MySQL database.  What caught my eye was the the keys for the key/value pairs were numeric. In particular the author of the question only wanted values for the key named 74.  The sample data was fairly simple.

{ "70" : "Apple", "71" : "Peach", "74" : "Kiwi" }

I thought SELECT JSON_EXTRACT(column, '$.74') FROM table; should work but it did not. There was a complaint about an invalid path expression.

It turns out that you need to make the second argument in the function '$."74"' or SELECT JSON_EXTRACT(column,'$."74"') FROM table; 

File this under something to remember for later. :-)


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