Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New MySQL JSON Functions (more)

MySQL 8 is going to have new batch of JSON functions and last time JSON_PRETTY() was covered in some details. The recent release of 8.0.1 provides an opportunity to try these new functions and a few that might have been missed with 8.0.0.


The -> shortcut for JSON_EXTRACT() was introduced with MySQL 5.7. And now there is the unquoting extraction operator or ->> to simplify things again! Think of it as JSON_UNQUOTE wrapped around JSON EXTRACT. The following there queries produce the same output.


The new JSON_ARRAYAGG() and JSON_OBJECTAGG() takes a column or column argument and crates an array or object.

Clear as mud?

Well, examine this example:

The two rows from table foo are combined to make a two element array.

The JSON_OBJECT() function takes pairs of columns, assumes they are a key/value pair, and combines them. Note that non-JSON columns and data from JSON columns can be combined, as well as literal strings.

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